happy friday!!!!  i am off for a lil GNO with all my best gals and i mean, i don't even know if i can think of the last time i went out and did something that wasn't work and/or kid related.  i am so thrilled i can't stand it!!  what are you guys up to tonight??
so, i'm back again with another adorable number from THML!!  you guys, i have so fallen in love with this brand.  everything is embroidered and beautiful and so very perfect for running around with the kids!!  [check out my previous looks here and here]  if you have a chance, check out their fall collection.  i am so ready to get my hands on some chunky knits and all the neutral tones!!  i know you know, because i tell you everyday, but it's so hott!  still!!  so, booties and a kerchief did the trick to pull my look together and have it looking somewhat "transitional"  and, can we talk about how awesome these back ties are??  totally wouldn't want to cover those up with a jacket.  so, i know i promised y'all some tutorials, and they're coming!!  i'm still trying to figure out the whole youtube video thing.  i literally youtubed "how to create a youtube".  ironic???  so, i'm working on it, but these braids are so so easy!!  the inverted french is my go-to braid and all you do is the opposite of a french.  so instead of braiding section over section, you just go under and it gives it the popped off the head look.  super simple!!  have a great weekend babes!!


THML Clothing embroidered mini dress c/o
Vera Bradley sidesaddle crossbody c/o