cool color

it's friday!!  who's hittin the town??  it is the final night of VBS, so i will be hangin with the boys tonight, but last friday was a totally different story.  i was kids free (that literally never happens), i was glammed up, and i was painting the town black!!!  this seriously chic jumper arrived just in time from Few Moda and i could not wait to show it off.  i could've run around in it all night, and then wore it to bed, it is so insanely comfortable!!
 and, hello pockets!!!!  i don't know why pockets make me so happy, but they really do.  it's just so nice to have a place to rest your hands and slip your cell phone, because, sometimes sticking it in your purse is just such a hassel and carrying it is way too dangerous in heels.  nothing could ruin my day more than a cracked screen!!  knock on wood, that definitely doesn't need to happen.  but, i do like to keep er close because, snapchat and ig stories and twitter and all that mess, a girl's gotta keep up with the her social media, right??  ok, sorry, i'm always getting sidetracked from the actual topic at hand.  this jumpsuit, totally fab, totally love, totally wearing again and again.  so, for styling, i didn't really feel the need to add much because the look is making such a statement all on its own, so i went for simple single straps in a nice burst of red and wrapped my lariat necklace to make a choker along with this estate coin necklace.  and by estate, i mean, i bought it on main street at an antique shop and i maybe paid 5 bucks.  i find it hard to not incorporate denim into just about everything i wear, and truthfully, i really wanted to sling a jean jacket over my shoulders, but i fought the urge and instead went for a very understated pop of denim with this cute little timepiece.  lastly, of course, girl needs a clutch, and y'all know i love me some python, so this antler box was the perfect finishing touch!!  i hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and be sure to scroll to the bottom because there is still some time left to enter that amazing giveaway!!!!!!



Few Moda "black is a cool color" jumpsuit c/o
Taxidermy natural python antler clutch c/o
Rumba soho denim watch c/o

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