hey babes!!  i'm excited to be back with Banana Republic and much like last time, it's all about the many ways you make your wardrobe work for you!!  ok, so i think we know i'm not exactly the typical "working woman" and by that i just mean, i don't have a desk job or professional meetings to attend.  most of my work is done from home or occasionally a coffee shop and most of the time (today included) i'm still in my pajamas.  that said, i give props to the women that get up and get dressed and manage to look cute in an office environment, because, that wardrobe tends to be boring an basic and definitely not something that would have me all that excited.  luckily, BR is here to save you from the mundane and up the anti in the work-wear department!!  and seriously, thank you Jesus!!!  so for all you working women out there, this one's for you!!!  i'm breaking down your daily uniform and making it work for all the many places your week might take you, starting with the office! 
when it comes to office attire, i really think its all about them pants!!  you gotta look sharp but approachable and still a little feminine, so invest in your trousers!!!!  BR makes it easy to find you perfect fit and personally i'm loving the avery for fall!!  cropped hems with stacked booties are going to be where it's at, and i cannot wait!!  but today's look is all about your go-to "every girl" trouser!  i know straight and skinny legs can be intimidating, and depending on where you work, they may not be appropriate, but this bootcut tailored fit is absolutely a must for every women's arsenal.  now, i think blazers are great, and yes i love them and they look polished and blah blah, its a blazer, you get it, but personally, i'm not the fitted suit kinda gal, unless it's done in a night out sexy kinda way, which is obviously not appropriate for (most) work, so why not fight the urge to fit in and switch it up for a cardigan sweater??  save that blazer for casual friday with a great pair of jeans and a cool t-shirt.  i love the option to belt a cardigan and an easy knot just gives the whole look that professional vibe that were going for.  

scroll down to take this look from day to night and all the way through the weekend!

so, you've showed up, you looked great, you put in your 8 hours, now it's time to cut loose and hit the town for a little cocktail hour!!  this is honestly the easiest switch ever!!  you guys no me, right??  so, no surprise, i managed to wiggle a denim jacket into yet another outfit!!  sling your cardigan to the side, sloppy tuck that camisole, grab a cute bag and sling on a denim jacket ladies, because it's officially 5 o'clock everywhere!!

ok ladies, you've made it!!  the week is over, and now it's time to just relax, right??  don't act so shocked when i tell you this is my absolute favorite look and yes, i totally plan on making this my fall uniform.  pull out that cozy cardigan (it's gonna be your best friend i promise) and throw on some boyfriend jeans (literally the best fit that ever happened to denim) it's saturday!!!!  this is how you make your wardrobe work for you!!!  invest in classics, make them versatile, and have a little fun, okay?!!  have a great night ladies, thanks for popping by!!!  


Banana Republic belted long cardigan c/o
Banana Republic logan fit tailored trouser c/o