i barely made it, but i'm here!!!  today felt like the longest day and i finally got 2 of my 3 to sleep, so i'm bribing the last one with popcorn and cartoons until mommy finishes her work.  it's amazing how little it takes to entertain a 3 year old.  everyone has been sick all weekend and i'm not exactly up to par just yet, so bare with me if i stop making sense.
i am so in love with today's post because, who doesn't love a white dress??  and even better, a maxi!!  i'm a sucker for anything floor length, because, you know, the drama of it all is just so exciting!!  i went for a more casual vibe with a boater hat and my antique picnic basket.  is it antique or vintage??  does anyone really know??  anyways, i've been dying for the opportunity to bust this guy out and family portraits on the courthouse steps seemed like the perfect opportunity!!  how handsome are my little dudes??  i can't believe i am so incredibly blessed.  even when they're crazy and screaming and terrorizing everyone at walmart (which they totally did today, btw) they're still the best thing that ever happened to me.  and ya know, pops ain't so bad either.  i hope y'all have a great week!!!  praying i kick this cold/flu/whatever it is by the am!!  night night!


Design History embroidered white maxi c/o