hey babes!!!  we made it through monday, ugh, and it's finally tuesday!!!  i actually had one of the most productive monday's ever yesterday and got a ton of chores done around the house, the laundry is folded and put away, the grocery shopping is done and we even had time for an afternoon playdate!!  i really need to make more time for those because the boys have so much fun!!  and i totally don't mind commiserating with another mom who gets the toddler struggle!!  maverick has prematurely entered the terrible ones and whoa does that kid have a temper!!  we call him linc 2.0.  and maybe i don't talk about the kids that much, but if you follow my snaps or ig stories, you know just how bad he can be, but mavie is totally gonna give him a run for his money.  so needless to say, this momma is exhausted!!!  nobody really prepares you for the wrath of a toddler, do they?  no, i don't think i ever read about mommy abuse in the baby books.  at least they're pretty (hehehe)  ok ok, i'm sure you don't care to hear the many tales of my 3 bad monkees.  i'll save the good ones for their girlfriends when they get older ;)
last week i somehow managed to make it out of the house totally kid free to celebrate the new collection of Bourbon & Boweties/Carley's (the creator) birthday and aside from the crazy hot humidity (as if my hair didn't give that away) it was such a great night!!  the party was at the fairly new Bonefish Grill and the food, omg you guys, you know i always go straight for the food, but holey moses!!  they had ceviche that was so freakin bomb, i had 3 helpings and this fried shrimp something or other that was so warm and delicious.  i definitely didn't leave hungry, that's for sure!!  i went for cali casual with this button up mini and bell sleeve blouse.  all the neutral shades were in order and i layered on as much bourbon as i could stack!!  gotta represent my girl, right?!!  ps, how awesome is this necklace??  love that she's adding necklaces to the collection!!  and just wait til you see the chokers!!  i'll have them up on the blog next week!!  and if you're not already, be sure to follow along on my ig stories tomorrow!!  i'll be taking you behind the scenes of a pretty exciting photoshoot!!  eeeeekkkk!!  can't wait to share more!!  have a great night!!



WYLDR kaia bell sleeve top c/o
Sans Souci button mini c/o
Bourbon and Boweties bangle set c/o
Bourbon and Boweties layered necklace c/o