yay, its friday!!!  ok, actually it's tuesday, but i wore this on a friday, so it's making me feel all kinds of night out vibes.  and i'm desperately missing my bow, so i love seeing us reunited in these pics!!
hands down, this was my favorite look of the week, and definitely the most me.  to clarify, all my looks were me, i mean, i picked them, i wore them, but what i mean is, this look is most similar to my everyday style.  fashion week is always a time to step it up and play around and push the boundaries, but sometimes its nice to just stick with what you know.  and i know jeans, which is where this entire look started.  Jamie Lin is a long time friend and insane designer who was kind enough to find and customize these vintage lee jeans for me with fresh water pearls.  yes, those are real pearls on my pants, pretty maj, no?  i had seen a full on pearl encrusted pair on pinterest and just thought that was such a cool concept and i'm not even a pearl kinda girl, so i knew JLin could hook it up and put an edgy twist on it, and that's exactly what she did.  to keep the look classic, i paired it with this crisp white shirt and blush fringe sandals and added some pops of rosegold with my Taxidermy clutch and Mignonne Gavigan tassel earrings.  to finish it off, Erin Lachea hooked up my head with this killer slick d.ross esque do that was definitely having a moment all of its own.  i seriously need this chick doing my hair everyday.  i felt like such a goddess!  i might just recreate this look a few hundred times, so if you're sick of seeing me in a white shirt and mom jeans like all summer long, i apologize, but i think it's about to be my new uniform.


Mignonne Gavigan "alana" earrings c/o The Finicky Filly
Hair by Erin Lachea