good morning!!!  we are just 3 outfits away from wrapping fashion week and i'm kinda sad about it!  was that really already a month ago??  i need to live in a world where it's fashion week every week, because it's just so much fun!!
 i'm currently nursing a household full of sick boys back to health and this momma is not so well herself, so it's been a less than fun week.  on the plus, i love all the snuggle time.  on to this look, the playful pantsuit/mix-matched tuxedo?  i really don't know how to categorize it, i just know i loved wearing it!  this python bralette was collabo numero dos with Taxidermy.  i kinda stole my inspiration from a look i saw Rihanna rocking and just rolled with it.  initially i was thinking boyfriend/oversized men's suit, but then i spotted (see what i did there?) these trousers at Sapphire and i fell in love with the pattern mash up.  the tuxedo blazer is a fave from my own closet and gave me that whole oversized 80's vibe and the pops of neon just solidified the decade.  the real scene stealer was this killer Stoned by Stone iphone case that i'm beyond obsessed with!!  as a blogger, i feel like i am constantly on my phone, so why not adorn it with something fun for everyone!!  the final topper on this look, and my fave indulgence of the week, was this do!!  i quickly discovered the Paul Mitchell School corner where they were offering up free hair and makeup, so naturally, i jumped right in line.  they hooked me up with some double frenchies for wednesday night's look, but i had already shot my blog pics so you didn't get to see, but night 3 was a different story.  my girl, Erin Lachea hooked up my head for the rest of the week and every night was better than the one before.  i loved this deep side part and you can kindof see, but there are 3 tight mini braids on the side giving it that edgy touch.  it was really sick, and something i will definitely be trying again.  and yea, i am that mom that brings her baby to the show.  #sorrynotsorry  he's so cute though, how could i leave that face??


Vintage tuxedo blazer

Hair by Erin Lachea