paisley pop

hello!!!  what's been goin' on babes?  is your week off to a good start??  i successfully showered only to put my jammies back on and then cleaned and re-cleaned my house, so, i guess you could say it's been a productive monday.  lincoln tied a shoe string around mavie's neck and tried to ride him like a pony and phoenix played "monster" and bit linc in the face and mav spilled an entire fruit juice all over my freshly mopped floor, soooo, yea, typical day in the belle abode.
 the hubs ran the older 2 next door for dinner while mav is napping so mommy can type up this blog post that i effectively started this morning.  i think the reality of motherhood is so entertaining, i'm not sure why there aren't more shows about it.  anyway, i rant, i rant.  let's talk maxi's shall we!!  i love them!  they're such a good look and i love that you can really make them appropriate for so many occasions.  this one has a great paisley print and a very vibrant pop of emerald, that is actually one of my most favorite colors.  i know, you'd never know it, because it's not actually a color i wear often, or ever, but i just love its rich hue.  i prefer it in jewelry, and i'm currently debating over a big ole velvet couch.  the print and the tassels had me thinkin boho, so i paired it with a floppy and an arm of bangles and of course, a lil pop o python.  super effortless and kinda sexy with that slit, no?  nothin wrong with a little leg, i say.  (insert winky face emoji here!!)  ok ok, the laundry pile is calling my name.  monday, you win.  have a great night!!


Line and Dot monaco maxi dress c/o Sapphire Boutique
Taxidermy two faced antler box clutch c/o
Bourbon & Boweties assorted bangles c/o