well hello there thursday!!  it literally feels like saturday, because schools out, which means, i haven't had to leave the house all day, which means i'm still in my pjs.  ummmmm, hashtag sorry not sorry??  it's gloomy and i have a headache, and somehow, i'm managing to be super productive on the blog front today, so i'm embracing the fashionability that is bed head and soft shorts.  and today's (blog) look might as well be pajamas, because this jumper really is just that comfortable!!  the material is that super soft linenish cotton.  that's not actually a thing, but, you know what i mean, right?  and the drawstring waist makes it perfect for stuffing my face with tacos, which is precisely what i did last night, and the day i took these pics, and pretty much once a week, or however often i can convince the hubs it should be taco night every night.  am i the only one guac-obsessed??  i live for chips and salsa and avo and queso and sour cream and all the goodness that comes from south of the border!  well, great, now my mouth is watering and i'm craving quesadillas.  thanks guys!!  you see what happens when i try to talk fashion??  all roads lead back to food.  i guess it's not only the way to a man's heart.  fashion and food are truly the way to this women's heart.  well, and coffee and sarcasm.  that's truly how you get me all pitter patter.  ok, let me focus for a second.  it's the headache, i promise, it's really got me rambling, but back to this jumpsuit.  it's another great find from my new fave shop Sapphire!!  i know i brag on them alot, but they deserve it!  i have yet to walk out of there with my arms full of goodies.  they just get me.  of course, Taxidermy always gets me, and if you've ever met Amy, she was probably donning all black with a splash of utilitarian charm, so now, i always pair my military with a little python.  (thanks for the inspo girl!)  actually, i broke up the python a bit, and grabbed some lizard as well, because, the cacti had me feeling a little desert vibe-ish and lizards are desert dwellers, aren't they?  whatever, it works.  any excuse to carry an antler clutch.  i tied on my trusty bandana and topped it off with an arm full of Bourbon!  ok, back to work i go!  if you get a chance, check out my new SHOP page!  i linked up all the items in my closet for your shopping convenience, and i'll be adding a What's New section shortly!!  thanks for swinging by guys, have a wonderful Thursday!!


Sanctuary "hazel" utility jumpsuit c/o Sapphire Boutique
Aviate CHS hat c/o Tres Carmen

special thanks to The Americano for your awesome wall of cacti