stripes and stripes

school's out, pool's open, it's friday and i'm ready for the long weekend ahead, how bout you??
 my plans include, tanning, shopping, eating, tanning again, maybe a little online shopping, farmer's market (aka shopping)  basically i'm just gonna shop you guys.  i can't resist those holiday sales and as much as i love a good day by the pool, it's not totally relaxing with 3 kids splashing around and i prefer my tan from a can anyways.  sooo, shopping for the win!!!  i am on the hunt for a new swimsuit, funnily enough, because i've finally settled in to my post baby, this bod is about as good as it's gonna get because i refuse to work out and eat right figure, and now i need a swimsuit that covers up all the rough spots.  if you've had children, you know what i'm talking about.  my stomach looks like a shar pei, i have stretch marks on my butt and my boobs look like 2 sad little deflated water balloons.  if you don't have children yet, don't you worry, it's totally worth it i promise!!  and in the end, you can always have the full body lift and tuck, which i'm totally doing, once i convince my insurance company it's a matter of life and death.  back to shopping, i'm also on the hunt for some new handbags.  i just got a really great white cross-body that i've been wearing non-stop, but i really need a few more neutrals for summer.  specifically that buttery cognac color!  i would obvi love the chloe saddle bag, but you know, i have mouths to feed.  of course, as i type this, i realize that i'm carrying a Taxidermy clutch in today's post, but i have a little spoiler for you guys, i'm a repeat borrowing offender.  as blogger's, we have the wonderful luxury of doing something called "pulling"  which is basically just borrowing so we don't have to drop a pile of money every time we do a blog post.  so, on that note, i'm trying to find something a little more budget friendly.  what are some of y'alls favorite handbag collections??

lastly, i'm on the hunt for more twinsets like this adorable little guy below.  well, twinsets and off-the-shoulder tops, i've become slightly obsessed with them.  but twinsets for the simple fact that they're easy and monochromatic (ish) and surprisingly slimming.  the tied up shirt and flirty shorts are such fun combo, and the stripes pretty much make this the most perfect MDW outfit ever!!  well, maybe not ever, but i'm prone to exaggerating to get my point across.  these fringe lace-ups are dead ringers for the designers at a fraction (30 bucks) of the cost.  i finished it off with a great floppy, although, i must confess, i have know clue who "the retro girls" are, but it was 12 bucks from h&m and it's perfect for the pool!!  and, yea, i was being a little dramatic with all the brim down, hide my face poses, but it was really bright and i wasn't wearing sunnies and i wasn't on the other side of the camera to see how silly i looked, but, you know, live and learn.  happy long weekend babes!!  hope you have a great one!


Lovers + Friends carmine set c/o Sapphire Boutique
Taxidermy harper clutch in natural speckled c/o