with my little red party dress on

t minus 1 hour until the eve of the most magical day of the entire year!!  on the real, tho; we still don't have a tree, i haven't wrapped a single thing and it's suppose to be in the 80's so i'm really not feeling quote unquote "in the spirit".  fa la lallalallalala what a week/month/year it has been!!!  all you mom's out there who do it all and have it all and show up decked to the nines with bells on and a chip cheerio smile on your face . . . . i salute you!!!  i DO NOT know how you do it!  i work(ish) from home, i only have 1 child in school and it's only pre-school so there's no real home work or extra-curricular activities, i don't exercise or cook and i barely keep a tidy home but somehow, i feel exhausted 99% of the time and i'm always in shambles.  being a grown up is HARD!  ok, so regardless of my disaster of a home, i love this time of year so very very much!!  and now that i have kids, it brings me even more excitement to see the thrill in their eyes through the holiday season.  the bright lights, the hot chocolate, the presents, just all of it!!!  and the parties of course!!  any reason to get dressed up is a reason to get excited.  and yea, i know i've said it a zillion times, im not a dress girl, im not a dress girl, blah blah blah, i'm such a hypocrite, because over the next few weeks im totally going to be spamming you with dresses!!  like a lot, alot alot of dresses.  i don't know how to explain myself, maybe i've turned a corner?  maybe designers have just really been on point when it comes to their dress game?  maybe im just lazy, and dresses are a no-brainer?  whatever the reason, there's some really good stuff coming, i promise you!  and to kick it off, i give you what can only be described as the most christmassy of christmas dresses ever.  well, for me anyways.  because, not only am i NOT a dress girl, i'm also not a RED DRESS girl.  like ever.  i don't know if even own anything red in my entire wardrobe.  i love red.  my nails are always red.  my favorite shoes and accessories are red.  but for whatever reason, wearing red is not something i've ever considered a necessity.  until now that is.  today it is very necessary for me to be wearing this amazingly perfect red dress.  and dancing and twirling in the street.  that also seems very necessary right now.  ok yea, i think i finally found that Christmas spirit i've been missing. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!  i hope you guys all have the most amazing Christmas EVER!!!!!!

BCBGeneration dress c/o Tres Carmen