oh what a day it has been!!  seriously, sometimes crawling back in bed and letting the boys ransac the house seems like an incredible idea.  today was totally one of those days!  sparing you ALL the details, just know there was a 2 hour trip to target where i snapped my pretty fur keychain and lost my favorite sunglasses, followed by another hour at the craft store that included 2 flipped shopping carts and a splattered bottle of green paint.  i just fixed them microwave grits and frozen garlic knots for dinner and put alvin and the chipmunks on replay so mommy could have a time out.  yeah, it was that bad.  somedays i swear it's a miracle i'm not crying in the corner somewhere.  ahhh, the joys of motherhood.  so, needless to say, the older 2 missed out slash wouldn't cooperate with this lil family sesh, but i know i can always count on my mavie poo.  well, at least until he's old enough to be coaxed to the dark side.  it was drizzling rain and past his nap time, but little guy still knows how to pour on the charm.  is he not the cutest?!!  i love it when we're twinsing.  i've partnered up with Famous Footwear to show you a typical "day in the life" and even though the above drama is probably more my daily speed, this day is pretty typical as well.  i bring the mavster with me to all my shoots.  he's such a little trooper.  he's usually just chillin in the stroller being the angel face that he is, so i jump at the chance to include him in the shot!  so, you know this girl loves her kicks, right?  yea, i mean, shoes are kind of a big deal in my closet and sneaks take the cake.  converse are always my go-to for myself and for the boys.  they're simple and classic and most importantly comfortable!  i'm a chick, so i'm used to uncomfortable shoes, but try squeezing a toddlers toes into some shoes "just because they're cute" and see what happens!  not good i tell you, not good!  so for this reason, i've been buying the boys converse since infancy and Famous Footwear always has the best colors and styles so it makes it easy for me to shop for the whole family in 1 stop.  i even snuck away from the sneaker department and scored myself an adorable pair of fringe booties that will be hitting the blog later this week, stay tuned for that.  so for this look, we went a little date night chic; me in my mommy approved LBD and matching leather hi-tops and Maverick in his cardi and blacked out slip-ons.  we were pretty perfectly coordinated if i do say so myself.  for more outfit inspiration; check out the Famous Footwear style gallery HERE and be sure to use the hashtag #ohsofamous for your chance to be featured!  have a great week you guys!!
 "the joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until the children are in bed"


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