belle on a budget: the warren on king party skirt

        Good Morning!!!  you guys, Belle on a Budget is back, and this just might be my favorite look(s) yet!!  so, i mean, clearly the holidays are in full swing at this point, meaning "let's get this party started, am i right?!!  and yes, the parties are totally fun, but getting in there in style, on a budget, is no easy task.  so this week i'm bringing you the perfect "party ready" skirt, styled 6 perfectly different ways!!  this is reason numero uno that i always preach the importance of separates!!  i'm sure you're social calendar is full from now to the new year, and how many times can you get away with that sexy LBD?  2? maybe 3 if you get really creative??  but a skirt truly has infinite possibilities and most of them are just waiting for you in your own closet!  and if they're not, don't you worry, Warren on King has you covered.  it is basically your one stop shop, whether its fancy or fun, the party selection is pretty epic, so scroll along as i break down the looks.  starting with the fanciest of fancy, the "black tie affair".  these can be tricky, and muy expensive!!  i mean, a ball gown, really??  who has 1 of those lying around?  and if you do, it's probably a left over bridesmaid gown that you'd rather not ever be forced to wear again, so we're gonna break the mold a bit, and go for the midi length match set instead!  the extras are really what take this look to the next level and make it totally appropriate for the required dress code.  i slung this black fur over my shoulders and slipped on these beautiful blue bow gloves like a lady ;).  see guys, sometimes i can play the "belle" card if i have to!
next up is the cocktail party, or really as i like to think of it "anything goes".  that's basically what people mean (or think should i say) when the invite says cocktail attire.  and in this look, you're totally ready to party hop til the sun comes up!  so this top is pretty much the cutest thing i've ever seen.  i just love the layers upon layers of fringe and its warm enough to get away without a coat!  to add a little edge and a pop of color, i accessorized with this studded clutch.
much like the mullet, this look is all "business in the front, party in the back"!!  work parties are probably a major bore, i really wouldn't know, because i work from home, so my parties include an extra shot of chocolate syrup in the bottle so we can dance to the wiggles until we fall asleep, but i would just assume social gatherings with fellow business associates isn't exactly a wild and crazy time.  but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look amazingly chic and have them wondering if your christmas bonus was bigger than theirs.  to accomplish this look, i tucked in a black silk camisole into the skirt and layered on this 2-tone leather blazer.  and the bottom half of the jacket actually zips away to create this amazing leather tail in the back!!  hence the mullet reference.  sensible stilettos (is that a contradiction) and a fur clutch crossbody finish off the look in a sophisticatedly chic sort of way.
girls night anyone??  a dance party is always gonna be my fave kinda party and who better to do that with than your girls??  no one, that's who!!  to achieve this look i pulled one of my own graphic tees from my closet and layered over this red coat for a fun splash of color!  spikes and metallics finish off the look and just like the clutch says, just dance baby!!!!
ok, so this look is essentially cocktail take two!  this is for that random friend of a friend of a boyfriend's roommates friends party that you may or may not have been invited to, but you totally wanna go and you need to make a statement when you get there!  i love the mixing of prints with this look.  just a tip, when mixing prints and patterns, try and stay in the same color family.  so for these 2, both the top and the skirt are mainly navy, making them clash in the good kinda way without looking like you dressed yourself in the dark.  and because i just love a bold pop of primary, i paired my red patent pumps and this yellow briefcase clutch.
i'm ending my looks on a high note, and it's fitting as i'm currently sitting on my sister's couch getting ready for a weekend of family christmas fun!!  holidays with the family are what it's all about, don't you think?  i love a tradition and christmas eve has always been a special night for me.  we go to candlelight service, we have a big family get together and we sing carols all night.  i love every single second of it!  so for this look, i wanted to achieve lady-like chicness aka grandma approved.  i paired this embellished neck sweater under the most fabulous pink coat that i ever did see and slipped on my matching pink toe pumps.  i had so much fun shooting these looks, as evident in the last photo, and i am so excited for all the holiday parties to come!!  if you missed the segment with 2 girls and a guy this morning, you can listen to the podcast HERE!  and be sure to swing by Warren on King for all your party needs and mention this post to receive 25% OFF storewide through friday!!


All Looks c/o Warren on King featuring the Warren on King stripe party skirt $75

Look 1:  Black Tie
Warren on King navy stripe crop top $58
Love Token black fur coat
Ted Baker blue bow gloves

Look 2: Cocktail Hour
Warren on King fringe sweater $60
Pink Cosmo red studded clutch $46

Look 3:  Business Chic
Lavender Blown black silk ruffle blouse
Warren on King navy leather blazer $125
Ted Baker furrleg bag

Look 4:  Girls Night Out
band tea (my own)
Ted Baker coral coat
Joia "just dance" clutch $58

Look 5:  Duces
Warren on King checkered crop top $36
Joia mustard lady bag $42

Look 6:  Family Traditions
Yumi jeweled stripe sweater
De Bourrage pink coat
Ted Baker mail bag