the swing of things

t-minus 4 days till Christmas and i'm feeling totally ill-prepared, so i'm currently downing my second cup of the morning and frantically writing lists and trying (emphasis on the try) to get my house in order.  annnnnd, it's monday to top things off, so i'm feeling a little out of sorts, but hey guys!!  how was your weekend??  seriously though, can you believe it's almost christmas??  i'm kinda sorta really starting to stress.  ok, enough about that, let's think positive, shall we??  so, amazingly enough, Charleston received a tiny little cold front allowing me to finally dust (hehe) this guy off and give him another whirl about town.  annnd then of course, it rained, ruining my perfectly coiffed hair-do, forcing me to improvise with this mini top-knot.  lol, if you guys only knew how hard i struggle on a daily basis.  i am truly the epitome of a hot mess.  my outfit is pretty basic, and pretty go-to for me.  i pretty much live in some form of leather pants until spring, leggings being my favorite option.  and weather permitting, an over-sized sweater is an easy throw on.  that or a band tee.  y'all know i live for a good graphic.  so since my wardrobe tends to be repetitive, i leave it up to my accessories to make each look all its own.  so today i'm partnering up with HandPicked to bring you a look that is all about the baubles.  mainly this long strand of semi-precious stones known as the "millie".  i am also sporting some stunning silver styles, but my messy hair and cowl-neck kind of cover them up.  no worries, they've been on heavy rotation, so i'm sure i will get you a better shot.  i doubled up this stone stunner to add the perfect statement to my look.  they tie in the tan of my duster and the teal of my tunic as if they were made for each other!  don't you love when that happens??  i hope you guys have a wonderful week!!  and a very Merry Christmas!!
"jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique"


special thanks to HandPicked for partnering with me on this post! 

black faux leather leggings c/o Impeccable Pig Charleston (call 843-724-8028 to order)
cowl neck tunic sweater c/o Impeccable Pig Charleston