belle on a budget: top 5 under $25 last minute gifts

good morning babes!!!  it's my last "belle on a budget" before the new year, so we're taking you out on a high note!  this week, i've partnered up with 5 amazing stores to bring you 5 incredible items for your last minute gifting needs and the best part?, they're all under $25!!!!  so, i don't know about you, but i am totally a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas.  or any holiday really.  i'm usually running around like a crazy person the day before trying to grab up everything that i can find.  it's annoying, like i annoy myself, so i started keeping a "gift closet" at the house full of my favorite goodies and any other fun little things i find when im out shopping around.  it has really come in handy, let me tell you.  you know that one uninvited guest or that last minute party you have to go to, you don't have time to run out and find that "perfect gift" and you probably don't know them well enough to know what that gift might be anyways, am i right??  ugh, gifting can be so hard :)  don't worry guys, i feel you.  so, walk in to any of the stores below and you're sure to find just what you're looking for to check everyone off your list.  from cufflinks to moscow mugs and everything in between; no man, woman or child will go giftless.  but my fave gifts to give, and all are currently in my "gift closet" are as follows:

1.  the Moon and Lola pet ornament - coming in at only $22 and one of Oprah's most favorite things, this cutie is sure to win points with all the pet lovers in your life.  and for extra brownie points, you can have it engraved with their pets name!

2.  the Candlefish Library candle - also $22, this is probably my top gift to give to anyone and everyone.  with 100 scents to choose from, you're sure to find at least 1 or more like 10 favorites.

3.  the Noddy adult coloring book - this fun little activity is only $16 and pretty much the coolest/hottest trend in adult toys at the moment.  i was gifted one myself a few months back and its totally addicting.

4.  the 2 Cumberland corkcicle 16oz tumbler - just making the mark at $25 this tumbler keeps your cold drink cold and your hot drinks hot!!  what more could you ask for, right??  as an avid/obsessive coffee drinker myself, this guy is perfect for taking with me everywhere.

5.  Pink Chicken rabbit fur keychain - this cutie patootie is my favorite little furry accessory.  you can find me most everyday sporting one and currently i actually have 2 snapped on my bag.  they're adorable and fun and only $16!!  which is a major fraction compared to the designer versions that can ring in up to $850!!  no, that's not a typo.

if you missed it this morning, you can listen to the podcast with 2 Girls and a Guy on Mix 96 HERE!!  and stay tuned on instagram for your chance to win the whole kit and caboodle!!  (all 5 prizes that is!)  happy holiday shopping you guys!!!