pinky and the brain

you guys, its officially the holidays, are you so excited??  i know i am!!!  the weather has finally started to change, the leaves are falling and peppermint lattes are back on the starbucks menu, so yea, everyday pretty much feels like Christmas right now.  today's look is one that i wear quite often.  the band tee/leather combo is always an easy throw on for me.  when in doubt, you always look cool in a graphic, right??  if you only knew, well i guess you're about to know, im pretty much rock n roll illiterate.  i dont think i could name you a single pink floyd song.  or acdc or the rolling stones.  all tees that i own, yet, not a one that i know anything about.  i am actually a hard core sinatra fan.  one of the other reasons i love this time of year, because the radio is filled with mickey blue eyes and etta james and all my favorite classics from the good ole days.  im basically a big ole nerd pretending to be one of the cool kids.  sorry, i guess the secrets out.  so, my basic theory for styling a band tee is throw it on, grab something leather; a skirt, leggings, jeans, what have you; and let your shoes do all the talking.  for this look, my sandals are really making one heck of a statement.  and, no lie, they're only $55 so, im pretty sure that's a statement worth talking about!!  i hope you guys have a great week!!  
"don't tell me there's no hope at all.  together we stand, divided we fall."


Chaser "pink floyd" tee c/o style/dwell (call to order 843.414.7061)
blue fringe sandals c/o style/dwell
leather mini (old) similar here