pop of color

 Good Morning Babes!!  Y'all need to get excited because i left my sunnies on the vanity to show you my real face (scary i know) and the lipstick company that i swear by Kismet Cosmetics!!  through the power of social media, i found this amazing brand and immediately fell in love with their fashion mindset.  i think you all know by now, i am a strong proponent of finishing off every look with a bold lip and Kismet is right there in my plight.  i could honestly brag about their lipstick for days.  the colors are incredible, they go on perfectly smooth with a glimpse of sheen and THEY LAST!!!!  even after a day of eating and drinking and smooching on my babes, i still have a pretty perfect pout left to wash off at the end of the night (if i remember).  i get a lot of questions on social media about the colors i wear, and my favorite 2 shades for fall are Vino and Vivianna and if you take a quick scroll of my feed, you'll see me wearing 1 of the 2 in almost every shot.  so, today i got to try on a new shade and play around with their super cute Glam Bags!  lets talk about this bag for a sec, shall we?  i mean, i'm contemplating just carrying it as a clutch because its far to fab not to be seen, and its double sided!!  SavvyRoot joined forces to handmake (yes, you read that right) these gorgeous makeup bags and you can choose from 5 metallic shades.   and if you have a sec, head to their site to check out the hip/belt bag.  its basically the chicest fanny pack ever, and i kinda think i need it, because, hey, why not?  i haven't owned a fanny pack since the 90's, so its time to bring it back, dont you think??  ok ok, shopaholic rant over, back to lipstick.  i own most of the collection, but for some reason i was missing out on Orchid Haze, and i'm not sure how that happened, because i'm pretty sure its the most perfect pink pout that i've ever seen.  it is now my everyday, in my purse, backup lipstick.  you all have 1 of those, right?  new to me, is the lipgloss and nail polish.  i must tell you, i am not a lipgloss girl, at all!  i feel like its sticky and doesn't have as much color as i would prefer, and i'm constantly messing with it, so i just usually don't bother, buuuut, i might have been converted.  obviously not in these pics, but i tried out the lipgloss and i must say i was quite impressed.  it almost applies more like a stain than a gloss and the color was BOLD!  like crazy bold, i kinda dig it.  i'm still a lipstick girl forever, but i will definitely be workin' this red gloss for the holidays.  nail polish is something i love, but im usually painting my nails in a mad rush and end up jacking them up before i even finish because them take FOR.EV.Er to dry, no?  i honestly don't understand it.  this is a pretty true depiction of my manicure habits.  on set, seconds before shooting, or in this case, while shooting, because chipped nails don't photograph so cute.  this gold shade is basically a neutral (hence the name "barefoot") and my 2 coats dried sans smudge, so i was pretty proud of myself.  the final item in my glam bag was this body bronzing lotion.  i have had a bottle of this lotion for quite some time, but have never actually tried it until recently.  i have a tan lotion that i like, and i usually apply it the night before i shoot so that i have a good base goin on, but i had a last minute event come up, that i wasn't properly tanned for, so i pulled this lotion out to give it a whirl, and now i'm just kicking myself that i hadn't started using it sooner.  the color looks really bronze upon first squeeze, so i was thinking, no way, this is going to look so fake, because i am soooo pale, but as soon as you start rubbing it in, the lotion comes out (like literally you will see streaks of white lotion) to help evenly spread the bronzer.  it almost gives you an airbrushed look, which, i definitely ain't mad at.  check my last post to see it on my legs, or click here to get a better look at the product in action.  and, for those of you faux tan skeptics, it washes off in the shower, or if you're lazy like me, with a wet wipe!  i have been using it like crazy, now that i know how amazing it is, and i even dabbed a little on my tummy for that crop top i wore on insta last week, and if you look, it almost gives me a hint of an ab muscle!!  the power of bronzing is real people!!  so, obviously you can get all of these products individually, but i love the idea of the "glam bag" and coming up on the holidays, its the perfect gift!!  plus, its totally customizable, so you can pick everything from the color of the bag to the shades of your lipgloss!  i listed all the items in my bag below.  i hope you guys have a super fab sunday!!
"fashion is head to toe"


special thanks to Ro Sham Beaux for allowing me to use their stunning showroom as my faux residence