i wanna be like 'yonce

soooo, clearly i really am allergic to mornings, because here we are at 10 pm and i'm just now typing up this post.  i really didn't start doing anything productive until about 5 o'clock today, because, Monday!!  i'm allergic to those as well ;).  today's outfit pretty much combines all of my favorite things.  boyfriend jeans, graphic tees, leather and hi-tops!!  and not just any hi-tops; custom python, beyonce has these, hi-tops!!!  i mean, you know how much i love these bad boys, but the fact that queen bey herself has a pair, makes them that much more awesome than they already are.  not surprisingly, i'm slurping down a double almond latte, because, i'm always slurping down some form of caffeine.  that needs to be my next tee, "addicted to coffee".  ugh, just seeing that cup has me craving my morning jo.  i have a problem, i know this, but much like my shopping habits, this is an addiction i'm not quite ready to give up.  anyway guys, i'm just rambling cuz im exhausted.  mondays are tough.  have a great night and a happy tuesday!!!
"i could be a morning person, if they started around noon"


special thanks to Black Tap Coffee for the yummy latte and the awesome space!!