belle on a budget: what to wear to meet the parents

 good morning belles!!!  i'm baaaack!!  my computer is still in the shop, but i borrowed the mils (mother in law's) to bring you this week's "belle on a budget" with Apricot Lane!  (for real, you guys, if you haven't been, you have to go!!  the average price point is 50 bucks and the selection is legit!  i think most of my fall wardrobe has come from there.). Soooooo, you've been dating a while, the holidays are coming, and its time to stop fighting the inevitable and bite the bullet, lets meet the parents!!  now, i can't promise they'll like you (i'm not a miracle worker) but i sure will do my best to have you putting your best, most parent-approved foot forward.  here's the deal; parents are tricky.  they've already formed an opinion of you before you even walk through the door.  you're dating their baby boy, you could potentially become his wife, you might be the mother of their grandchildren, so, yea, the pressure is on!!  and they want to make sure you fit their mold.  so, who is the one person that everybody; man, woman, or child, can't help but fall in love with?  the girl next door aka Jenn Aniston aka america's sweetheart, that's who!!!  seriously, have you ever met anybody who didn't love this girl?  so with my fave friend in mind, i put a fresh spin on her signature style and you wanna know the best part, you can snag the whole look for under $150 (*be sure to mention this post for 20% OFF)!!  I am loving the the rebirth of the flare Jean and this pair fits like a glove!  with a high rise and dark rinse, they're classic and feminine without being "in your face sexy" which will win you points on mom's end.   I layered on an easy tank and this chunky cardigan for an effortless vibe and kept my hair and makeup natural.  no bold lip, sorry!  Now, I know some of you may be thinking this is a bit casual, but in my opinion, so should the first time you meet his 'rents.  you want to be comfortable, you want your personality to shine, and you want your goodies to be covered ;). keep it classy ladies!!  and be sure to tune in to 2 Girls and a Guy this am for more tips on winning over the parents!

 "it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are"


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grey tank - $16
bf sweater - $68
flare jean - $70
the giving keys "courage" and "breath" - assort pricing