chew on this

i swear i have 2 other children.  but, they don't cooperate as well as this lil chunker, and since he's attached (quite literally) to me at the moment, he gets plenty of photo opps.  plus, i mean, he's adorable, so i could just take pics of him all day.  i'm switching it up from my usual fashion to bring you a true "mommy blogger" post.  i always tell people, yes, i have children, and yes i blog, but i am by no means a mommy blogger.  i do not wish to give you mommy advice or discuss how i chew up my food and feed it to my kids like a bird (i don't do that, don't worry)  but my kids do affect my style, and when they let me, i enjoy styling them as well.  this is really my only expertise.  when it comes to parenting, i use the no method, method.  basically, im just making it up as i go, and my kids aren't totally screwed up yet, so i think its working ;)  something i do (kind of) know a little bit about is nursing.  really, i only know my experience with nursing, and what garments i prefer when i'm doing so.  (sorry fashion mavens, you can just come back tomorrow if you don't care to learn how to easily whip out your tit in a crowded room without anyone noticing.)  i've tried out quite a many styles over the years, but i've linked up my faves below plus a few other nursing necessities that i couldn't live without.  personally, i find under wires to be extremely uncomfortable, nursing or not, so i stick with something more along the lines of a sports bra / bralette vibe.  i'm past the swollen (leaking) phase, so i don't wear the pads anymore, but if you are pregnant or nursing, i would strongly suggest investing in at least 6 pairs because you will use them!!  and i hate the throw away kind, they feel like a maxi pad for your boobs.  listen guys, sexy bras are all fun and games until somebody gets pregnant, then its all about practicality and comfort. and, if your husband is as perverted as mine (and, he's a guy, so i'm sure he is) he won't mind your newly acquired assets; even if they are wrapped up in a less attractive package.  another thing i've learned about nursing babies, is there constant need for oral fixation.  im pro paci, maybe you're not, thats ok, we could sit here and have a whole debate weighing the pros and cons.  but now that maverick is entering the teething phase, i have discovered my new favorite accessory the Chewable Charm.  i honestly wear one of these guys almost every day, because they are endless entertainment for mav and they're actually quite cute.  i have the audrey, the nina, the avery bracelet, and the ralphie which i'm wearing here and probably wear the most simply because its black and so is half of my wardrobe.  mavster and i coordinate on most days, because like i said, he's always in arms and clashing is not ok, so i styled him up in his suspenders and skinnies and topped it off with his python chucks!!  i'm so sad, he's maybe got a day or 2 left in these guys, but they have been beyond fab while they lasted.  why can't they stay this small forever??  so sad.  thanks for stopping by guys!  belle on a budget will be back again tomorrow, no boob talk, i promise!!
mom (noun - adjective - verb): one who does whatever it takes to get whatever it is done.  period.