my achy breaky sole

ok babes, you may have seen Sole Serum popping up all over the blogs, but if you have yet to try it, let me tell you, the time is now!!!  always the skeptic, my first thoughts about this product were "yeah right, now way".  a serum that keeps my dogs from barking within 10 minutes of application, give me a break!  but seriously you guys, this stuff is no joke!!  on the average day with the boys, I will wear sneaks, but as most of you know, heels are for sure my go-to, and generally they're not hurting for height.  go big or go home is my motto, so nothing under 3 inches has ever graced my closet.  and I inherited this stubborn mind-set, that no matter how bad they hurt, I will prevail for the sake of a good outfit.  but now, thanks to this purse friendly companion, I will suffer no more!  Sole Serum hits all my major criteria, cute packaging, fresh scent, natural ingredients, and most importantly, it actually works!  pop the cap and pump a few drops onto those aching feet, and within minutes, you are back to strutting your stuff, pain free!  i have added this product to my arsenal, and with fashion week around the bend, it will definitely come in handy. 
 "strong women wear their pain like stilettos, no matter how much it hurts, all you see is the beauty of it"
heels GoJane // Sole Serum c/o