Happy (almost) Valentine's!
this is not exactly one of my favorite holidays, but i am feelin' extra love this year with my growing bundle and 2 babes at home.  so, why not throw on some hearts and a bold red lip and get in the spirit?!  okay, so i only halfway committed, because a majority of this outfit is shades of blue, but there's really only so much V-day themed gushiness i can give you without wanting to gag myself.  Love is great, but i like the real life kind, not this hallmark holiday, forced to prove your love to one another bs.  i know i'm not the only one who feels this way, right??
i Did fall in love with this sweater the moment i saw it, because the embroidered hearts are just too sweet and i really do love a pop of red.  if it looks familiar, its because Venita was rocking it in the Dandy Lookbook post from Monday, and yes, i stole it off of her the moment the shoot ended to claim it for myself!  #sorrynotsorry  I layered it over my Canadian tuxedo and threw on my blue boucle coat (i told you you'd be seeing it plenty!).  red pumps, red lips, red signature and i think this is my perfect winter look, valentine's or not.
"true love never dies, it only gets stronger with time"
sweater Poppy Lux via Dandy Boutique // chambray shirt TJMaxx // jeans American Eagle //
coat Forever 21 // hat Target // heels GoJane // "tarabelle" necklace Moon & Lola