pearl complexion

 I must start by apologizing, because I feel like i've been phoning it in lately and focusing more on getting a post live than actually putting the time in to talking about my looks.  as I said on Monday, so much has happened over the last few months, and its been hard to juggle.  I do so much appreciate all your support and patience.  with that said, lets talk fashion!!
as women, it is a daily struggle to love ourselves and embrace our bodies.  I know for myself, looking good makes me feel good, so putting in the extra effort to fix my hair and put on some lipstick can make all the difference.  but I still have my days where nothing looks good, I feel bloated, my skin is broken out, etc etc.  you see how we beat ourselves up??  we will always have bad days, but i try to remind myself, this is the body God gave me, it is able, it is strong, it has given me 2 of the most gorgeous boys i could ever dream of calling my own and my flaws are what makes me unique.  there is no other you, you are irreplaceable and you are beautiful!!  remember that ladies!! 
so todays look is all about embracing myself and my body.  i love my rocker persona, but underneath the sunnies and bold lips, i am just a girl.
 i love a good midi skirt, i feel like they suck you in and keep you classy while still showing off your feminine physique.  this high-waisted style is the perfect shade of blush and i just love the front slit.  i paired it with this pearl embellished blouse for a monochromatic look and strapped on my faux studs.  this is my nude.  every girl has their shade and most fall in the tan family, but i myself am extremely pale, and even with the help of a spray tan (which i always have!  so yes, this is me tan!) my natural complexion is that of a pinky hue. 
i challenge you, to embrace the body you were given!  find styles that flatter and make you feel like the best possible you!!
"femininity for me means happiness and freedom . . . . freedom of being who you are in whatever shape or size you come in"

top LC Lauren Conrad via Kohls // bralette House of Sage // skirt styleXchange // heels Lulus // clutch Vintage