rip tide

I am forever and probably always will be, drawn to distressed everything!  from furniture to clothing, I just love a raw edge and a rip.  this is not in any way a new trend, although, I think the holes are getting bigger and some styles truly serve no purpose other than to conceal the money shot, but my favorite is the shocking price tag!!  I love when the older generation makes a joke about buying me patches to stitch up my holes, or asking if I payed money to look like a poor person.  well, yes, yes I did!!  and usually good money at that!!  but for me, these are a staple, which is an investment item, so I don't mind forkin over a few extra bucks for a style I really love!  this particular pair is actually pretty fair priced and im pretty obsessed!!   they had me at their holey hello, but upon trying them on and realizing they were a bf fit, obvi they were going home with me!!  I paired them with this pretty pink blouse (with a raw edge hem!!) as a bit of a juxtaposition and funked it up with these silver pumps and pinks sunnies.  now, for my jewels, I admit, im super particular about the pieces I buy and usually only wear items with sentiment or estate.  it is rare that I add a costume piece to my collection.  but I have found a site that meets my love of sentiment and costume, and all from small independent businesses!!  9th & Elm offers a little bit of everything in a flash sale forum, think Etsy meets Hautelook.  I perused the sales and finally landed on jewelry!!  ive been looking for a way to incorporate J into my everyday layers and this bar necklace fit the bill.  it also comes with intitials, J+T, but i thought that would be confusing with the boys initials already in the mix.  to feed my need for something fun, I chose these neon stone earrings, they're bright and a little edgy, and definitely unlike anything I already own.  be sure to check it out, and leave yourself plenty of time to browse!!
"i am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship"

top American Eagle // jeans Reverse via styleXchange // heels ShoeMint // sunnies MinkPink //
watch Michael Kors // bar necklace I Adorn U - earrings Vant Jag both via 9th & Elm