dont bake it, fake it!!

happy Monday!!  I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their weekends!!  we had a legit scorcher!!  im talking 108 degrees of sweltering heat and no sign of showers to cool it off.  its weather like that that makes today's post that much more important!!  I use to be a grease up and lay out all day kinda girl, but then I had a little skin scare that taught me the valuable lesson of spf 70!  in the rare chance you find me worshiping the sun, I will be saturated in sun screen and a lot myself an hour and a half tops.  my favorite way to get a tan, and keep it year round, is by spraying it on!  im pretty much casper pale so I have tried just about every brand on the shelf and they all serve their purpose, but for today's post I upped the annie and went to the professionals for a legit spray tan!  this was my first experience with VersaSpa and it was quite a pleasant one.  I knew from my in home experiences, that exfoliation is key and i lotioned up my rough spots before entering the booth.  in less than 10 minutes, I was in and out and head to toe tanned!!  this might be my new guilty pleasure!!
on to the pool to show off my new tan and cool off from the brutal heat!  I am usually more of a bikini girl, but one-pieces have a chic appeal and bare enough while leaving plenty to the imagination.  I went a lil boho/glam with these black sunnies and head scarf and threw on my favorite new accessory, the body chain!  as much as i love to layer on the bangles, the chlorine is none to friendly, so i got my gold fix and tatted up with these flash tattoos (literally obsessed!) and hooked up my mani with some funky nail wraps from Jamberry.  (i will definitely be revisiting these in posts to come, but if you haven't tried them yet, you totally should!!)
so remember ladies, why ray, when you can spray!!  and check back at midnight because 1 lucky reader will win a VersaSpa spray tan to be used at your local booth!!!

"you are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed.  and you are beautiful"
spray tan c/o VersaSpa
scarf Michael Stars // "yoko" frames Fantaseyes // suit and body chain styleXchange // Flash Tattoos via Everything But Water // nail wraps c/o Jamberry Nails
special thanks to Mixson Bath and Racquet Club