CFW: night 4 runway recap part 1

im still going through all the photos from Charleston Fashion Week and just revisiting the runway shots from Friday night, makes me so excited for some spring weather!!
Mamie Ruth grooved down the runway to open the night!
me and my love of all things hippie dippie, i was in boho heavean!!
they teamed up with Satchel. and Mliz Designs to really pull together a STELLAR show!!

ahh, i could've ended on that note, but the show must go on!!!
and on it went with a team up of Swoon and Out of Hand
the hair art was my fave!  i don't even think i noticed the clothes until i started looking back at the pics, but they too were a bit boho chic and super fresh and fun!
Gwynn's was third and per usual, it went off with a bang, showcasing the wide variety of designers carried at the men's and women's boutique.
the emerging designers were GOOOOD!!!!  so i wont overload you with too much fashion in 1 post and save it for another day!!
"the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"