buy a pair, give a pair

ok, so by now, you're fully aware of my love of sunglasses!!  or sunnies as i like to call them.
i literally never leave the house without them and even keep a small stash in my car and a classic aviator in my purse at all times!
i just feel that they are such a staple and on top of that, they shade my eyes and allow me to hide the fact that i haven't slept and didn't feel like putting on makeup!!
lip gloss and a little pinch of the cheek is all this girl usually has time for.
all of this being said, the brand Warby Parker has been brought to my attention and not only do they have fabulous and chic styles to choose from, they also give back for every pair sold!!
their new spectrum sun collection has just launched and i know i have my eye on quite a few of these bad boys!!
with spring (hopefully being sprung very soon!!) and summer just around the corner i cannot wait to snatch them up and rock them out!!
below are a few of my faves, but be sure to check out the full Spectrum Sun Collection and read more HERE about the amazing things they're doing (like distributing over 500,000 pairs to people in need)!!
stay fashion forward and show love to those less fortunate!!
downing in striped sassafrass

hall in cherry blossom

piper in woodland tortoise

minnie in eucalyptus
"no one has ever become poor from giving"