CFW: Night 1 Runway Recap

tuesday night was a whirlwind at Charleston Fashion Week!!
in a word (or two) to sum up the night, freezing and FAST!!
i was so anxious and excited for everything i felt like it went by so quickly so i'm trying to calm my butt down and savor the week
kicking off the night was Bits of Lace and straight out the gate, i was dying over this corseted peplum bustier!!!!  literally, OBSESSED!
with my jaw still dropping, it hit the floor when this beautiful plethora of man candy walked out in their skivvies and not much else (or actually nothing else, except for the one random pair of socks)
needless to say, i enjoyed the show!
 next up was tres carmen boutique
i was excited to see what they would put together as i just discovered their store monday night at a bourbon and boweties trunk show
the styling was impeccable, southern chic at its finest!
the black jumpsuit was EVERYTHING!
 my girl JLINSNIDER was up next
let me just tell you, this chick is a visionary!
she has an eye for vintage and unexpected pairings
my fave was the chucks (obvi) they really were a happy surprise!!
 on to the emerging designers!!
Zachary Howell was essentially a black out.  his workmanship was admirable and well executed.  very all black errthang, lips and all
 Leah and Rebecca plant followed with "when adam met eve" drab silk sacks.  if it wasn't for the hair, i might've missed it, and maybe it was a play on their name, but the twigs and leaves truly executed the earthy vibe.
 Anna Toth took a very literal take on the denim on denim trend and served us with a platter of chambray styles
finally something a girl can work with!!  Terese Brown was a breath of fresh air with her neon and graphic florals!  great separates and structure, i could see myself wearing everything!
 Tenneal McNair was last with 89's prom metallicness
and the encore presentation . . . . ladies and gentleman . . i give you Oberima Afriyie!!!
this kid is what fashion is all about.
his tailoring was impeccable, his vision was inspiring, highlight of the night!!
the show flowed from samurai chic to polished militia to bad boy bondage to prince charming
the capes, the knits, the quilted leather, i dont know what i loved more but all i have to say is BRAVO!!!
ill try and recap yesterdays runway tomorrow, cant wait to see what tonight will bring!!
"Style, all who have it share one thing, Originality"