CFW: Night 3 Runway Recap

Night 3 of Charleston Fashion Week full of spring fashions thanks to Belk and Steve Madden
The show was sweet and fun and put everyone in a color-filled state of mind
it went from black + white, to jet setter chic, to flirty florals, to men serving shoes on a platter!!
what more could a girl want??
it was pretty hard to get excited for fall designs after that, but this was a fall show after all so on to the emerging designers . . .
up first was Felicia Barth-Aasen, she showcased a very dark grungy girl with layers of knits and pops of orange.  while not particularly my style, she knows her customer and more importantly, she knows herself.  and a designer that stays true to themselves is everything!
following was Noelle Stanley and Sean Olsen with a childrens collection, and those little girls really worked that catwalk, lemme tell ya.  
then came Nkundwe Kasyanju with a futuristic black and white collection
Angela Bacskocky's collection felt a little Derek Lam-esque and i LOVED it!!  every outfit was perfectly put together and the laser cut leather and harnesses were ridic!  my faves were this blue wool crop top and the massive chubaka fur!!!  but, i could really see myself wearing every piece!
lastly was Yuyan He and she left me slightly confused, but individually there were some great pieces in there.
Hunter Bell closed the show, and having watched her on Style Star, I was super excited to see her collection!
i know its fall and its ready to wear, but i was slightly disappointed.  i was hoping for cute fits and fun prints and maybe a pop of color or two, but it was totally lacking.  my favorite part was the Forever 21 shoes that adorned all the models feet and the over the knee hose!!
"don't change to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit you"