ok, so don't let this outfit fool you, it actually has nothing to do with valentines or being in love or any of the other gag worthy crap spewed all over social media yesterday.  i actually didn't even realize how vday appropriate it was until this very moment.  btw, hope you had a lovely day of gag inducing love.  i cleaned my house and ate all the kids candy spent the better part of my evening folding laundry and watching bravo.  it was super special, let me tell ya.  
this outfit on the other hand, is super special!!  (for real tho) i bought this onesie back at christmas, cuz i wanted to see what this applique trend was all about, but i could not for the life of me figure out how to style it without looking too sexual, so it's just been hanging there, taunting me for months.  i know it's meant to be worn alone, but my bubbies have nursed 3 boys, so . . . . do you really need me to explain the need for coverage?  once i figured out the whole bandeau situation, i just kindof blindingly pulled from my rack and hoped for the best.  you ever have one of those days??  you really wanna wear something but you have no clue what you're doing so you just throw on whatever and hope for the best?  that is exactly how this outfit came about.  that's actually how some of my favorite outfits come about.  when i don't overthink it and just make it work.  i know, i'm just getting dressed, its not rocket science, but, i kinda take my outfits a little too seriously.  so i made it work, and then i fell in love. ... again, totally non vday related, i just really love my clothes everyday!

have the best day!!