happy weekend guys!!!!  today, i wanted to break down some not so basic basics that every girl should have in her arsenal (in my humble opinion).  sometimes keeping up with the trends can become exhausting and most days i don't have the brain capacity, much less the inspiration to come up with a totally amazing head to toe look.  this is where basics can be a lifesaver!!!  most women have specific styles that they feel comfortable in.  a button up shirt, a long cardigan, skinny jeans, etc.  whatever they may be, don't be afraid to play around with how you style them!  sure, a button up looks crisp with a great pair of trousers, but why not pair them with something more relaxed like a pair of mom jeans?  and a long cardigan can go with anything.  transition into warmer weather by throwing it over a pair of cutoff shorts and cute booties.  and, ok, i mean, what don't skinny jeans look great with??  all of these are great basics, and definitely items i have in my closet and i'm sure you have in yours, but my ideal basics look a little more like this;

the v-neck tee: never underestimate the power of a slouchy t-shirt.  their versatility is endless, plus they're insanely comfortable and super easy to wash!!  my favorite pairing is with something a little more polished, like a pencil skirt or high-waist trouser pants.  it instantly gives off that cool girl, let's not conform to societies rules vibe.  scroll some of my faves here:

the leather skirt:  ok, don't be scared, anyone (and i do mean anyone) can wear a leather skirt.  the trick is finding a style that fits your shape and makes you feel confident.  personally, leather makes me feel a certain kinda way about myself, which is probably why i wear it so often.  leather skirts are a definite staple in my closet and i have perforated, pleated, minis, midis . . . . ok, maybe i have too many, but they just work on so many levels.  pull out that button up and a pleated maxi or a band tee and a funky little mini!
some of my favorite shapes and sizes here:

the denim jacket:  i can't imagine i need to reiterate my love for a jean jacket, i think at this point i'm just beating a dead horse, but if you still don't have one, do me a favor and go buy one asap!!!!!  there is no outfit that you could ever put together, that wouldn't work with a denim jacket.  you can quote me on that:
my fave fits here:

the black bootie:  there is no such thing as too many black shoes, but booties are high on my list of priorities.  i like a little point at the toe, that perfect ankle height (nothing is worse than a bootie that cuts you too low on the ankle) and a little bit of height with a chunky heel.   

let the accessories be what differentiates you from every other girl in the gang and own it babes!!!  have the best weekend!!