you guys . . . . . . it is almost spring!!!!!  i mean, it basically already is spring in charleston.  the flowers are blooming, the sun is (almost) always shining . . .okay, i probably just jinxed it, but whatever, i am so ready for it!!!  the longer days, the warmer nights, the brand new wardrobe ;)  that's actually all i care about.
 obviously i'm a big fan of black, but things are about to transition from leather layers to flowy floral and all things boho.  idk what it is about summers in the south (probably the heat) but i turn in to a full blown festival chick.  come spring, i long for flirty and fringe and pattern play and basically the complete opposite of everything i wear in the winter, but Club Monaco somehow manages to merge the 2 . . the edgy and the pretty that is.  let's first discuss how gorgeous their stores are shall we??  full disclosure, i'd never been in one until the other day but now i wanna go back like every day.  plus, they're about to open a cafe out back, so i'm pretty sure i will be.  hold up, did i mention there's a flower shop in there . . . yea, true story.  annnnd vintage chanel.  seriously, how have i gone this long without ever discovering this glorious space?  i actually felt relaxed the second i walked in the store.  i don't know if they were pumping something through the vents or it was the calming palate of the collection, but, for me to be relaxed while shopping, that is truly saying something.  usually, im stressed and sweaty and chasing after kids and dying to get out of there, but i actually tried stuff on and loitered around, it was amazing!

ok, so let's talk about this look. . . . i was immediately drawn to the skirt, so i knew it was going to be my hero piece, but now i had to find a top.  i couldn't decide, white or black, and i tried on so many beautiful options, but none of them felt quite right until they brought me this sweater and then it just clicked.  and of course the belt finishes it off perfectly, and then i found out, this is the exact look shown at new york fashion week, so obviously, duh, i needed it.  this entire outfit; and the rest of the insanely gorgeous fashion week collection, are now available online and in store and if you happen to live in Charleston, i highly suggest popping in the King Street shop because i promise you will fall in love!  and you can snag yourself a fresh bouquet on your way out!!  and, once the coffee shop opens up, you can probably swing by and say hi to me, cuz they have marble tables and natural light and i can't imagine a better spot to spend my days.  

COLEMA cold shoulder sweater
VIMALA maxi skirt

entire look c/o Club Monaco