white stripes

All white and it really feels so right, let me tell ya!!  i threw this look together in a matter of seconds with the help of my new friends at Sapphire Boutique!!  ok, clothing aside, i have a total girl crush on these babes.  they're totally hott and easily some of the sweetest girls in town, and back to the clothes, their store has all the goods!!  and by all the goods, i mean all the goods!!  fresh sets, fashion forward fits and all the aussie brands i love so much.
 in a matter of maybe 30 minutes, i was able to pull the rest of my looks for the week (plus some extras) starting with this crisp pinstripe number here.  i had been in heels all morning and swapped out my fab red dress from tuesday's post for something a tad more comfortable and feet friendly, so i just so happened to be wearing my new adidas (aw-dee-daws) and fell in love with the way they completed this all white outfit.  plus, let's be honest, my tootsies were in much need of a night off.  i grabbed some goodies from Theodosia (a local fave) and stole (borrowed) myself a little Chanel from my girls at Couture Closets.  sadly, i had to give her back at the end of the night, but she was pretty fun to flash around for a second or two.  i traded in my sunnies for some spectacles to put that "studious" stamp on my whole look and now i think i might just want to start wearing glasses.  i don't need them, but they're kinda fab, no?


c/MEO collective i'm new here striped dress c/o Sapphire Boutique
J.O.A. trench c/o Sapphire Boutique
Adidas Originals superstar
Theodosia opal studs c/o
Theodosia crawler ring c/o
Chanel quilted crossbody c/o Couture Closets
SEE Eyewear spectacles c/o
Kismet Cosmetics Velvet Collection lipstick in "just peachy" c/o