livin la dolce vita

what's up babes?!  i hope you're having an uber fun week, and if you're not, NBD cuz it's almost the weekend!!!  i have been not so productive on the home front, but i'm seriously trying!  the boys are in this "terrorize everything" phase and i feel like no matter what i do, the house is always a total wreck.  it's mucho annoying.  but, luckily, the warmer temps are here which means, more time in the yard, less time cooped up in the house setting off bombs.  my currently un-showered self, is donning a mickey mouse t-shirt and waist deep in fruit loops, but let's take it back to a more fabulous look at Charleston Fashion Week.
 like i said last week, i found so much goodness at Sapphire, i had to find excuses to change multiple times throughout the day, so this was my "lets do lunch" look for thursday.  this mustard, tied up, bustier top was everything!!  it can be worn multiple ways, but i went for a waist knot halter look and paired it with these chambray pleated shorts.  (on a side note: c/meo might just have the best fitting shorts ever.  i tried on multiple styles, and they all fit to a women's body so good, it's insane.  just thought you should know.)  ok, so the colors had me feelin a little african safari vibe, so i mixed in some prints with these lace up sandals and python tote and topped it off with this amazing scarf turned turban by the ever talented GARB.  that print is a rock blown up under a microscope!  is that not crazy?  primarily, she makes clutches, but she was sweet enough to make me multiple scarves that i've been tying on my bags, around my neck and in this case, on my head!  she's a true talent, y'all should check her out!!  and if you ever want a true BTS (behind the sarcasm) look into my unfiltered life, head over to my snapchat, username: misstarabelle .  its full of my 3 crazy munchkins, my redneck husband, and our humble little country abode.  because not everyday is a fashion show, and i most certainly have never woken up looking like this!


c/MEO collective set c/o Sapphire Boutique