slap on a bib and call me a pilgrim

Good Evening!!  How was everyone's weekend?  Did y'all stay warm?  We woke up to snow on the cars Saturday morning which was pretty freaking exciting if you ask me.  It would have been more awesome if it actually stuck, but, hey, beggars can't be choosers, right??  so, to say our carolina weather has been fickle would be the understatement of the year, but i have been enjoying these brisker days, if only for the excuse to pile on some layers.  today's look is all about that too hot for the colony, pilgrim chic.  this was one of those outfits that fell together so gloriously that i had to make a moment of it.  breaking it down in order of compilation; i finally bit the bullet and ordered these otk boots (such a steal, bee tee dubs) and was dying to style them with a little mini, and then the perfect one came in the mail from Tres Carmen!!  fashion happenstance numero uno!!  then, i was thinking, how do i play in to the preppiness of the plaid?  in comes happenstance numero dos!  i have been on the hunt for the perfect white shirt for like ever.  seriously though, forever!  who knew it was so hard to find a crisp button down?  well, truthfully, i've found plenty, but the price was never quite right, but this one finally hit the bill and i sized up so i can style it both tucked and un.  my jacket was another happy coincidence, because it was already sitting happily in my closet which means i didn't have to spend a dime, and it took me from hit me baby to its britney (you know who) .  i topped it off with this hat (also already perched smiling down on me from the shelves of my walk-in) and i thought, this is a pretty solid outfit.  the only thing that was missing, was some sort of necklace to tie it all together.  i have been loving the long scarf trend, have you seen this??  i thought it was a potential possibility, but then i remembered seeing this glorious bow bib at M&L and it was like the fashion epiphone of the century!!  ok, not really, but if i was a cartoon character (and who's to say i'm not) big flashing fashion light bulbs were lighting up the top of my head like the vegas strip.  the final piece de resistance was this giant, double chain, drool-worthy python tote that really steals the show of any outfit and puts the Karl Lagerfeld stamp of approval on my whole look.  i mean, i didn't actually go anywhere, except for to meet my photographer and make sure this outfit went down in fashion blogger photo history, but i kind of think its pretty major, don't you?? thanks for stopping by babes, hope you have a fab week!!
"if you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought"  -Peace Pilgrim


Forever 21 stripe faux fur
Uniqlo white dress shirt
BCBGeneration plaid skirt c/o Tres Carmen
Simmi Shoes "carmen" otk boots
Taxidermy "jw" black python bag c/o
Moon & Lola "madeline bib" c/o
Forever 21 floppy hat