true story, i am not as cool as this sweatshirt would lead you to believe.  if you know me or read this blog on the regular, you know i am an avid fan of band tees, but i rarely (never) actually listen to said bands.  sinatra is more my jam, or the biebs if i'm feeling extra spicy.  on a crazy day you might catch me jammin out to some coldplay.  so, it is by total coincidence that i even wore this bowie sweatshirt, and only because i live for the comfort of a vintage style tee that you see me wearing these guys over and over again.  honestly, a graphic tee is pretty much a basic as far as i'm concerned, so i have a pretty fat stack sitting in my closet.  sadly, the rock world lost a legend this week, and even though i probably couldn't name a single song if i tried, i can appreciate a man with that much dedication to his art.  his style was ever-changing, always evolving and most definitely inspiring.  as he said (and i'm sure you've seen a million times on social media this week) "i don't know where i'm going from here, but i promise it won't be boring"  well boring he was not, and that's a quote i can get behind.  i paired this sweatshirt; that is insanely comfortable, by the way; with these (even more comfortable) pair of leggings.  i wish you could feel these guys, they're so soft!  between the 2, i might as well be wearing pajamas, that's how cozy they are.  i contemplated heels, but in keeping with the laid back vibes (and because i'm always looking for an excuse to wear them) i decided to lace up my python chucks and for an extra fun accessory, this matching cell phone case!  so cool, right??  in case you haven't noticed, i'm pretty obsessed with everything Taxidermy.  she's pretty MAJ!


trunk ltd "David Bowie" tour tee c/o Tres Carmen <call to order 843.974.4383>
minkpink motto leggings c/o Tres Carmen <call to order>
Taxidermy python high top chucks c/o
Taxidermy python iphone case c/o
Moon and Lola "westbury" studs c/o