on the lo

 monday monday!!  so, last week was cold, but today, was legit freezing.  like 20 something frigid!  all i can say, is thank goodness for my emu's!!  i have been LIVING in these guys since the day they arrived in the mail.  around the house, to the grocery store, wherever, i don't care, it's like slipping your feet into a cozy fur blanket and the only real problem is that my other shoes are feeling a tad neglected.  so, as you can tell, my hair is a wreck and the rain has washed off my makeup, but i truly love these pictures so much, because this is exactly how i look most days of the week.  behind the sunglasses and the big bold lip is just a messy bed-headed mama, coffee in hand, comfy and cozy, stuck in the house all day with my boys.