the best things in life are free

Happy 2016 Babes!!  am i the only one still dragging from the holidays?  i'm having a hard time getting back into the daily groove of things.  like waking up early for instance, it's been a struggle to say the least.  mornings have never really been my thing.  i thrive from like 2pm-10ish.  hence my obsession with coffee.  i need it for survival.  ok, so we're on to the next, yea?  resolutions . . . . blahhhh, i'm not a huge fan, how about you guys?  i think every day is a resolution.  i wake up and i think; i'm going to be more productive, i'm going to eat better, i'm going to spread happiness in the world, and then, i go to bed thinking, did i even do the laundry today?  because life gets in the way and things come up and it's all busy busy busy.  one day i will be more productive, but that day is not today, and it's probably not going to be this year either, because i have 3 under 4, so survival is more the mantra of the moment.  call it a resolution if you wish, but this year i want to be a better human being.  i want to be an example to my children and someone my husband is proud to call his wife.  i want to be that small beam of light in someone's day.  even if it's just smiling at a stranger or holding the elevator, practicing decency is so much easier than the alternative.  and honestly, who has time for the negativity?  at my church in charlotte, our pastor would end each service with this verse "let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer" -Psalm 19:14 and at this past sunday's service, my pastor quoted the same verse and it resonated with me.  remember the WWJD? (what would Jesus do) bracelets?  what if we actually applied that mindset to our lives?  what if we actually spread that kindness and compassion around?  its free you know.  exactly like my sweatshirt says, "it costs nothing to be a decent person".  so this year i am going to practice what i preach and try to spread a little decency around.  but if you see me yelling at the bag boy for smooshing my fruit and breaking my eggs, don't judge, my resolution doesn't start until tomorrow.