finally getting this poncho up on the blog and literally just in time for the freezing (i say freezing, its like 50) temps in charleston!  so, i actually had this guy all edited and linked and ready to go yesterday at like 6 am (yes i get up early . . . sometimes ;)) but then i got sidetracked and started online shopping and then the boys woke up and it was school and appointments and hashtag mom life stuff and i totally forgot to get back to it.  so here we go.  this is my "i have to look like an adult who has children but still has crap to do and appointments to keep and want to look cute while dragging 3 kids through target" look.  most days, my basic uniform is some variation of denim, leather, sneakers and a band tee, but then there are those days where i actually have to come in contact with people who don't find that junior high/band-aid look appropriate or maybe that's just my insecurity that they might be passing judgement, so i put on an elevated version of the mommy uniform.  still perfectly comfortable and kid tested but more "i showered today and kind of have my life together" mommy approved.  mixing shades of denim (or chambray if you will) is always an easy go-to for me and totally the most perfect base outfit when it comes to layering.  instead of blue jeans, i opted for this pair of gray just to break up all the shades of navy that were happening and threw this chunky sweater poncho overtop.  i love that it has a mock turtleneck so i can leave my hair tucked to create that "faux bob" that i'm so obsessed with.  come summer, i'm probably just going to have to cut my hair, but for now, this is really doing the trick for me.  i'm more of a "leave your heels at home" girl when i have the rugrats in tow, but the stacked heel on these booties is super manageable and the olive or "khaki" as they're apparently calling it, is perhaps my favorite new neutral.  i hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!  stay warm (and dry)!!


poncho sweater c/o Blue Poppy Boutique
grey felt hat c/o Blue Poppy Boutique