easy peasy lemon squeezy

hello!!  ok so yes, it is technically speaking the first day of september, but technically speaking, it is still officially summer, which means i can still dress in bright fun outfits like this for at least another week.  i mean, if we really want to get technical, this outfit is pretty perfect for 9-10 months out of the year here in sc, but i will eventually ease into the sweaters and dark colors and pretend im not sweating bullets in all my layers when its in the 70's in november.  charleston doesn't really understand the concept of "fall weather".  so anyway, for now i am squeezing in (pun intended) every single second of summer acceptable dressing.  these pants are pretty much the cutest thing i've ever owned.  i never knew i loved lemons so much until these citrus skinnies arrived in the mail.  i immediately tried them on with multiple tops and i honestly can't believe i'm just now getting them up on the blog, but in addition to the adorable print, the fit is pretty spectacular!!  i've honestly never shopped at talbots before, so i wasn't sure, but i'm quite impressed.  the crop fit is perfect for showing off my summer sandals.  i paired it with one of my favorite white tops from last summer and my denim jacket that i've basically worn with every single outfit all summer.  i hope you're not sick of it, because i know i'll be wearing it all fall as well.  im looking at the darker wash to switch it up a bit.  you can never have too many jean jackets, right??  i think that's pretty much my denim philosophy as a whole.  skinnies, skirts, jackets, chambrays, there's no such thing as too much denim.  enjoy your day loves!!
"when life gives you lemons, keep them because hey, free lemons!!"


westward/leaning voyager sunnies c/o ditto [use code: southernbelles to recieve your first month free]
jewelry via RocksBox [use code taraxoxo2 to recieve your first box free]