miley made me do it

yikes!  nothing like waiting til thursday to finish what you started on friday, right?  uh yea, so you could say, we've been a little busy.  i need a snap chat, i really do.  its so much easier to understand my life in real time.  anywho, who's excited for a little makeup tutorial, huh?!!!  ok, not really a tutorial, but a little inspo if you will.  if you read my post a few weeks back you already know im not super great at makeup.  i mean, i know how to apply it and all, i just don't really keep up with the latest techniques and tricks.  should i actually apply makeup to my face, i stick with the basics, lips (always!), bronzer (most of the time) and eyeliner/mascara should i ever be in a situation where sunnies are frowned upon.  ie: all indoor activities, wah wah :/  so, i was super excited to play around with Stila's new fall modern goddess collection.  i used to (and by used to, i mean pre-baby, like when i actually had my 2 hands to myself to get ready) loooove a full on smokey, drama filled eye.  i had it down to a science.  how to blend and highlight, and smear.  i really used to give good eye, i promise.  now, i rarely have time, but a little liner can go a long way!  so, using Miley as my makeup muse, i channeled this mod-ish look and i even tried to replicate her whole pose, but, i struggle.  i couldn't quite master the hunched over, pouty, i don't care look in her eyes.  the hubs was playing photog, and the boys kept bombing all my shots, so scratch that, we had to take it outside for some close ups.  here is the play by play.  starting with a fresh prepped face, i used the precision eyeliner brush and the got inked cushion eyeliner in black obsidian to apply my cat eye.  side note:  i have been using these pods like crazy, it gives you the most perfect amount of liquid on the brush to really apply a good line and my favorite color is actually the blue sapphire because it makes my eye color pop!!  ok, so next i curled my eyelashes, and then applied a coat of lash stunner primer followed by extreme lash mascara.  i for one have very blonde, very short eyelashes so i am pretty thrilled with the length this combo is gave me.  after a little dab of highlighter on the inside corner and brow line, i drew on a heavy brow to mimic miley's.  next i used the wonder brush (which i'm basically obsessed with) to apply the stay all day bronzer in medium to my cheek bones, jaw line and hair line.  i've used many a different bronzers in my day and this one really takes the cake.  it adds the perfect sunkissed look without all the shimmer, and then finished i finished it off with a nude lip.  my first nude lip ever, you guys.   i was kind of nervous about swapping out my signature bold pop, but i kinda love the nude.  i hope you love the look as much as i do, because im definitely going to be recreating through fall and im thinking i might add a little more beauty to the blog, because it is just so much fun to play!!
 "the best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural" - Calvin Klein

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