just keep swimming

Cheers to it almost being friday!!!  no worries chicas, its just a mocktail.  i have a no alcohol required kinda personality, meaning, im already unfiltered, loud and obnoxious, so there's no real need to amplify that.  i just love the look of a beautifully blended fruity beverage.  and they're super refreshing, which is necessary in this heat.  my fall wardrobe is heavy under way, but i am still soaking up every last second of summer before the pool closes and nix starts school.  just 2 more weeks left!  ahhhh!!  how did that happen?  my baby went and grew up on me.  next thing you know he'll be driving and sneaking out to meet his girlfriend.  i am totally not prepared for this.  so let me embrace the moment that is summer.  today's post is officially the last of my summer swimwear and easily the most fun.  thank goodness for insta, i have discovered what are quite possibly the cutest swimmers in all the land.  Kortni Jeane is retro, vintage, flirty, feminine, fun, i could go on and on, i am so in love with this line!!  the entire collection is mix and match with so many cute prints to choose from and all offering their own little flare.  i absolutely love the peplum on these bottoms.  it hits at the perfect spot to show off my waist and the peplum hides my post baby pooch.  and i don't know about you, but im not loving all the high-rise bottoms with the brazilian cut buttocks.  if im buying high-rise, its because i want coverage, right??  these guys certainly cover all that and more and thank goodness because this chunky booty does not need to be on display.  i wish i had found these earlier on in the summer, but im excited to add some more prints to my collection for next year.
"may you begin this day with a smile on your face and with happiness for your soul to embrace"