pep squad

happy friday babes!!  and cheers to the long weekend!!  labor day sales, here i come!!  ok, so aside from the obvious excitement that friday brings, i am also thrilled to be sharing today's post with some pretty fabulous ladies!!  blogging has granted me the honor of meeting some truly inspiring women, and today you get to meet a few of them as well!!  we have all come together to show you how we do game day.  and if you know me, you know i don't do game day.  i don't really do sports.  i like them, if you want to GO to the game, im totally down and i'll do my best to pretend i know what's going on and root for your team, but it's not really something i get super psyched about and i certainly don't care to sit around all weekend in front of the tv watching game after game after never-ending game.  on the other hand, dressing for the occasion is most certainly something i will do!!  i basically bleed black and gold because my family would disown me if i didn't, but seeing as college ball is not a big to do in the north, and the hubs is a carolina fan, i deemed it wise to play nice and dress for his team.  now, i was told, flats or wedges are a must for college game day.  is this a fact??  i honestly didn't know because i've never actually been to a college game, and i was a cheerleader in highschool, so my outfit was already picked out for me and heels weren't permitted (but, you know i tried)  i played by the rules and paired my dress with my go to chucks.  i always love a good high-top/dress combo.  its refreshing.  and no surprises here, i had to tie on a denim jacket and my newest obsession, the neckerchief.  for my second look with skinnies i paired my fave (and only) wedges and i found them back in stock in a few sizes, so check out the shop links below!  it was so fun hangin with my girls and game dayin it up.  of course, im obnoxiously laughing in every photo, because this is how i am in real life.  i seriously have to concentrate hard to get you my usual oh so serious wannabe model face, but with these babes around, it was hard to contain my composure.  have a great weekend chicas!!  and be sure to swing by and say hi to my blogger besties!!
"coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success"

from left to right Kelly of Paper Meets Pearl, yours truly ;), Caroline of Bikinis and Brunch, Shree of Porcelain Shree, Tiffany of Skipping Breakfast at Tiffanys and Venita of Venita Aspen