diamonds are forever

we made it to Friday and I'm continuing the summer fun with what might just be my absolute favorite look of all time.  remember the days of swim team speedos and swim caps?  do kids still do that?  we spent every summer on the swim team at the community pool, and even though I was terrible at staying in my lane, and never won a race, I loved the excuse to get a new suit and cap and goggles and towel and every other accessory you could possibly need to look the part of "swimmer"  funnily enough, I actually put my poor swim talents to good use and became a certified swim instructor in my early twenties.  you know what they say, those that can't, teach!  well, I'm not that great of a teacher either, because none of my boys know how to swim, but that's a whole other story.  back to the look at hand.  i pretty much love anything swim team/synchronized swimming inspired and I would totally wear a flower cap to the pool if I could find one, but for now i'll stick to my turbans.  I LOVE a good turban. I believe we've discussed this before, but you really can't go wrong and they instantly give any look (swim or otherwise) a retro/boho appeal.  paired with this suit, that's totally giving me speedo vibes, and I'm ready to swim laps!  ok, well not really, there's no need to embarrass myself.  and yes, I am totally that annoying girl at the pool who wears all her jewelry and carries a perfectly matched tote and towel.  I'm ocd, I can't help it.  but I am definitely not the girl strutting around the pool deck in heels, or even wedges for that matter.  I'm a flops girl all the way, but these showers were just too good so I had to snap at least a shot or two in my metallic heels.  I figure if they can do it in the mags, I might as well give it a try.  short of almost breaking my neck trying to maneuver around water puddles in 5 inch stilettos, I love the vibe, but I definitely wouldn't suggest you try this at home.  unless you have a stable photographer near by to catch you as you fall.
"life is better by the pool"