retro fun in the sun

 with a little over a month left to frolic in the sun, I am declaring it Swim Week on the blog!!  after seeing every other 20 something, skinny minny flaunt their goodies all over the internet, I am determined to show you that you can be in your 30's (or older), not have perfectly flat sculpted abs, and still rock a swimmy. I have nothing against bikinis and those that are blessed with the bodies to pull them off, but I for one have three children, one of which was just born a few months ago, so the last thing I want to be strutting around in is a bikini
. Maybe next year will be a different story once my boobs go down and I shed the extra 10 lbs I'm toting around, but for now, ill take all the coverage I can get. Call them retro I you must, but the revival of the high rise swimsuit bottoms are the greatest thing to ever happen to poolside fashion. They are flattering, comfortable, and most importantly, mommy-approved!! nothing could be worse than a curious toddler pulling on the strings of your suit only to expose your bare bum to a deck of innocent bystanders. I love the floral stripe of this top and the halter fit really plays to the retro vibe. And it keeps the girls in place! I seriously feel for the buxum women out there. I dont know how you shop for swimsuits! Its lil no ones ever heard of full coverage, and if you do find it, its in the form of an ill-fitting tankini. This halter has me fitting in just right and keeping me extra perky. (if you're a nursing mom, you know what a struggle this can be). I ALWAYS wear a hat and sunnies because I'm super fair, and it takes all of 5 minutes for my freckles to come out. and, even though the pool is generally a no makeup required kinda place, spf lipstick is a great way to look like you are while protecting your peckers at the same time!! I hope you ladies have a great day and be sure to check back! I have 3 more amazing suits to show you as I celebrate summer while it lasts!!