exsqueeze me while i kiss the sky

happy friyay yinz guys!!  lol, I know, yinz isn't nearly as sweet sounding as y'all, but I thought i'd give it a whirl.  that's how we talk in the burgh, you know.  yinz guys n'at.  lets go daantaan n eat a primantis samich n'at.  it's a very attractive accent ;)  i never spoke strong pittsburgese, but i have a few words here and there and when family comes in town, it all comes back to me.  if you follow me on instagram, you know i had a nice little 2 day staycay with the kids last week.  well, as much as id love to think im just that fabulous and i take mini vacays all the time, this is hardly the case.  my older sis was in town from pa with her 3 kids, and after a weekend in the country, they wanted a taste of the good life that Charleston has to offer, so daantaan we went (that's downtown for those of you non-burghers).  technically we were actually in mount pleasant, which is just over the bridge from downtown at the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina.  it was pure heaven let me tell you.  private beach, walks on the pier, sunsets by the pool, I never wanted to leave.  and neither did the boys, they had so much fun!!  my kids are obsessed with my sissy's kids and were so sad when we all had to go home. 
sunnies, hat and this large tote have been my best companions all summer when were out and about under the Carolina sun.  this heat, I mean, its basically clothing optional at this point.  if it was socially acceptable to wear my unmentionables everywhere, I probably would.  but since no one really wants to see that, im forced to put on real clothes and breezy dresses are a girls best friend!  this dress has taken me from church, to GNO, to a wedding at the lake and errands with the kids.  its a swing style, but for todays look, I tied the two sides together to try the new shirting trend I keep seeing on my fave bloggers.  I love the bold tomato orange hue and totally plan on layering it up with a navy blazer as we enter in to fall.  or maybe tan.  those 3 hues tend to pair so well together!  stay posted, im sure it'll pop up on my instafeed.  thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend ladies!!
"you don't need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination"

summer sparkle tote c/o Vera Bradley
cognac lace up heels Charlotte Russe
layered necklaces via Rocksbox [use code TARAXOXO2 to receive your first month FREE]