coffee and kimonos

  for whatever reason, this post feels very intimate to me, like im letting you in on a little secret. 
I don't know if its the indoor spot, the sun streaming in from the windows, or perhaps the main reason, NO SUNNIES!!!  I actually have eyes guys, can you believe it??  on the real though, this look is me!  not that everything else I post isn't me, its just mostly the very fab, somewhere to go version of me, but I rarely post the day to day, mom-on-the-go me.  no fab fashion events to attend, no dinner dates with the hubs, just me and my boys against the world and this laid back style is my go to.  so after a long morning of shooting, my makeup gone, and my hair a disheveled mess, I slipped into this look, fueled up on caffeine and headed out for a fun filled family day!!  I love easy layers and cross-bodies for the daily grind.  it keeps me hands free and ready for a climate change.  by now you're well aware of my love of kimonos.  I love the tie-dye print and flowy fabric of this style and the side slits make it oh so airy.  I paired it with a cut-off band tee which is usually my go-to top of choice.  graphic tees tend to always layer well and up the cool factor of any outfit.  these lace shorts have been on heavy rotation since the day I bought them.  they're a little high-waisted and uber comfortable.  both must haves in my book!!  i finished the look off with a pop of leopard, although they didn't last long, the sky opened up, and they are suede, so I switched em out for strappy flops.  i hope you enjoy this laid-back version of me.  just remember, its a balance!  let yourself have a day off every once in a while and learn to love the easy things in life!!
"to love at all is to be vulnerable" 

"rainbow wave" kimono MinkPink via styleXchange // tank American Eagle //
lace short styleXchange // leopard booties Betsey Johnson //
saddle bag Urban Expressions via TJ Maxx // "say anything" sunnies MinkPink //
special thank to Mixson Market for allowing us to sip and shoot!