floral sails + a truck named rita

this is quite possibly one of may favorite looks to date!   
you know when you just feel like you could rule the world and rock the runway all in a day cuz you just look that good??  that's how this outfit made me feel!  the pops of pink, the fitted blazer, the flip of the skirt, it was all workin' in my favor and even the humidity allowed my hair to halfway hold and not totally melt my face off.  and even better than all this, I had a totally fab event to go to, so no need to fear of wasting a great look with no one around to appreciate it!!  (you know you totally have the same anxiety) 
so lets talk about momma's fashion night out!!
I had the pleasure of being invited to Rolling Rack Boutiques Summer Fashion Show and you know this chick loves some models, so of course I made a point to be in attendance.
I've never actually gotten the chance to hop aboard "Rita" but I am an avid insta-stalker and follow her account on the daily. 
the fashions did not disappoint and even included swimwear from Salty Girls.  it was such a fun night and I got to catch up with some of my fellow blogger buddies who gave me all the affirmation I needed!!  Now, let me deflate a bit, and accept the reality of my current appearance, which is far from the cuteness these pictures portray.
"your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds"
stripe bodysuit MinkPink // floral flip styleXchange // blazer H&M // triple strap sandal GoJane // pink sunnies MinkPink // "xoxo" Moon and Lola // "l" and "p" Dogeared //