A hunting we will go . . . . .

what started out as a typical Wednesday in mommyland
turned into my very first (as a mom), and ever so scary, trip to the ER 
lets start from the top, shall we??
the only appointment on my schedule was Linc's 6 month checkup with the pediatrician
(mind you he is now 8 months, but my dr is in high demand!!)
everything went super smooth
my chunkers is a healthy happy boy, right on track in his development!
I now had the rest of the day to do as we pleased and since my boys were dressed oh so snazzy,
and I was in my coordinated attire (mind you, we usually ARE quite matchy matchy!)
I thought it best we head outside and snap some photos!!
(any excuse for a photo op, they don't stay little and willing for long)
I was feeling super safari chic in my utility vest and tried to find a landscape fit for the hunt! 

all was going as planned . . the tripod was cooperating, Nix was running around finding rocks and sticks, Linc was trying to eat any and everything he could get in his mouth, and I was a happy momma!!
until . . . . I hear screaming!!  and not the whiny, frustrated, i'm not getting my way scream, (i'm quite familiar with that one)
more like the petrified, blood curdling, raise the tiny hairs on the back of your neck screaming!
my poor phoenix had trampled onto a yellow jackets nest and they had him surrounded
adrenaline pumping, I started ripping his clothes off, beating the biters off of him, but they just kept swarming and stinging him . . . . the poor kid was traumatized. 
luckily, Lincoln was far enough away in the grass, they didn't get to him.
one emergency room visit later, my boy is a little puffy, totally drowsy from the Benadryl,
and happy as a clam with his Starbucks (cream based/no coffee) Frappuccino
and a bam bam sticker (band aid) from the doctor
"life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful"
Tara Belle

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