are ya achin'

I always say, "embrace your surroundings"
so on Saturday,
I really took my own advice to heart and fully committed to a day on the farm.
after waking up at 4am (no, that's not a typo),
 we pulled up to a field full of pickup trucks and good ole boys
enjoyed a very hearty southern style breakfast (the grits alone will add 5lbs to your waistline)
and then took to the task at hand
the days schedule entailed the butchering of 7 hogs
Ill spare you all the details, but the general process includes: killing/cleaning/gutting/processing

I really thought it would be more traumatizing and I was totally prepared to come home a vegetarian, but it actually just made me respect this way of life that much more and I am totally down to start "livin off the land"

i am incredibly grateful for the experience, and all the wonderful folks i met!
we literally, brought home the bacon!
"judge not, lest ye be judged"
Tara Belle
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